Learning Agreement Hu Berlin

Please provide the documents collected at erasmus.international@hu-berlin.de no later than three weeks after the start of the study in the form of an e-mail scan. If your extension has been approved, you must send a new apprenticeship agreement to outgoings-wiwi@hu-berlin.de at the beginning of the second semester, with your choice of courses for the second semester (with your signature and the signature of the partner university)! In addition, you re-send the registration confirmation to Mrs Marx: cornelia.marx@uv.hu-berlin.de All documents have to be handed in the latest three weeks after the start of your study mobility via email to erasmus.international@hu-berlin.de Before you start your journey back to Germany, the Gasthochschule must confirm that you have actually studied abroad. Again, without a document on time, no money! Please send a copy of the confirmation to Ms. Marx (cornelia.marx@uv.hu-berlin.de). Please note the various apprenticeship agreements in the 2018-21, 2019-2022, 2020-2023 projects! Please send the Grant Agreement with the Annex I -Learning Agreement to the Erasmus partner country team for screening: erasmus.international@hu-berlin.de. The Grant Agreement is your scholarship contract. Registration at the partner institution If you go abroad via the ERASMUS program, you will have an ERASMUS grant which will be paid in two installments. You will discover the payment terms staggered in our Moodle group under “Documents and Forms.” Students who wish to take a child abroad can apply for additional funding from the HU. Additional funds are also available for students with disabilities after examination by the National Erasmus Agency to cover the extra costs. In both cases, speak to the Erasmus Coordinator of Higher Education, Dietmar Buchmann (dietmar.buchmann@hu-berlin.de).

Contact Cornelia Marx (HU-International): cornelia.marx@hu-berlin.de moodle.hu-berlin.de/course/view.php?id=57664 Contact Wiwi International Office: outgoings-wiwi@hu-berlin.de Fill in the first page of the Grant Agreement. This Document as well as the Learning Agreement have to be signed by you and the Partner Countries Partner Countries of Humboldt-University zu Berlin BEFORE the beginning of the mobility. Please make an appointment with the Erasmus Partner Countries team to sign the documents in person. Before your appointment, please send the Grant Agreement and the Learning Agreement to the Erasmus-Partner Countries team for a review: erasmus.international@hu-berlin.de. The Grant Agreement is your scholarship contract. Registration at the partner institution We can give you contact with former or current companies (students of our partner universities who spend their exchange semester in Berlin). These can probably give you the best advice on finding housing, living in the host city and daily university life. Also watch the testimonials of our Moodle Gurppe “ERASMUS Outgoing Wiwi”! The explanatory notes below apply in part only to participants in certain programs. Every time you see one of the following pictograms, it means that you have to give or complete something for the program concerned: . Learning Agreement Faculty and University Contracts Since the normal deadline for submitting ERASMUS applications to WiWi Faculty is very early, the host university coordinator may not contact you until after a few weeks. It is only when you have heard nothing at the end of April/October that you should ask us.