Sandoz Tilray Agreement

Kennedy also said that companies will work together to develop new products, and have several that focus on the defined dosage. The agreement announced Tuesday covers flammable and flammable medical devices. Tilray Inc. announced early Tuesday that it has entered into a global supply and distribution agreement with pharmaceutical giant Novartis AG for medical marijuana, continuing a trend of old industries connecting to the new breed of marjiuana growers. Tilray stated that the latest agreement with Sandoz extended a previous agreement with the Swiss company`s Canadian subsidiary and that the two companies would work together to develop products “in jurisdictions where cannabis is or will be licensed for medical purposes.” Tilray, a global pioneer in medical cannabis, has products in twelve countries and branches in Australia – New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Latin America and Portugal. This agreement builds on Tilray`s groundbreaking track record as a company committed to providing medical cannabis-based pharmaceuticals to patients in need. Tilray was the first licensed producer of medical cannabis in North America to be certified as a Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) in accordance with European Medicines Agency (EMA) standards. Media: Chrissy Roebuck,, 1-833-206-8161Investir: Katie Turner, 1-646-277-1228, Kennedy said the pact was the first major partnership of its kind between a cannabis company and a major pharmaceutical company. The agreement originated in Canada, the second country in the world and the only G-7 member to legalize recreational marijuana. Through Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis, Tilray signed a similar agreement in 2017 for the distribution and sale of cannabis-based medical products – an agreement that resulted in the much broader agreement that extends the agreement to some 35 countries around the world that have medical laws on cannabis, a figure Kennedy says will likely increase in the future.

“This agreement represents an important step in the movement to provide patients in distress worldwide with access to GMP-certified medical cannabis,” said Brendan Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Tilray. “Tilray is a global company and we are pleased to build on the success and momentum of our existing agreement with Sandoz Canada by building our global partnership. Sandoz AG will be a valuable partner in improving access to high-quality medical cannabis products in countries around the world. NANAIMO, British Columbia—Tilray Canada Ltd., A subsidiary of Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), a global pioneer in the production, research and distribution of medical cannabis, announced today that it has entered into a comprehensive framework agreement (the “framework agreement”) to work with Sandoz AG, the world leader in generic and biosimilar drugs and part of the Novartis Group, to increase the availability of high-quality medical products. Boucherville, June 19, 2018 – Sandoz Canada today announced that it has entered into a collaborative agreement with Tilray, a medical cannabis producer licensed by Health Canada, that allows Sandoz Canada to become the first Canadian pharmaceutical company to enter the field of medicinal cannabis. The Alliance will support the growing interest in medical cannabis1 by providing patients with medical treatments with rigorous manufacturing standards, tailored to their medical conditions, promoting wider access to products and encouraging product innovation, research and education. As part of the deal, Tilray will be able to use Sandoz`s muscular global distribution channels to smooth the road for the marijuana grower, to introduce medical products where the law allows, Kennedy said.