Air Force Crosstown Agreement

The following links take you away from the Detachment 560 site and connect you directly to the various university and university homepages. If you are visiting or planning a college or university in the New York Area, which is not mentioned below, please contact us to discuss the possibility of creating a new crosstown agreement with your school. DON`T APPLY FOR UTSA ADMISSIONS! Contact Mr. Agustin Llano at (210) 458-4624 for more information about the Crosstown program and AFROTC registration. As first-year students or Sophomore Cadet, you can expect to spend about five hours a week in AFROTC activities without your travel time. The main obstacle for the Crosstown Cadets is the establishment of a scheduling conflict between the classes of the two universities. Freshman /Sophomore AFROTC courses at UTSA are one-hour courses; You can register for a Tuesday or Thursday class. All events must be completed, with a short rest period between each event. The minimum point is 75 points and all minimum points must be completed. As a student from another university, you can travel to UTSA as a non-graduate special student to participate in the AFROTC program. They would participate in AFROTC courses on the main campus of UTSA and physically train with the cadet corps. Students attending the following colleges and universities can enroll in the Air Force ROTC program at UC Berkeley. All students must complete all AIR FORCE ROTC courses on the UC Berkeley campus.

Berkeley City College Cal State University Maritime Academy (ehemals California Maritime Academy) Cal State University East Bay (ehemals Cal State Univ Hayward) Canada College Chabot College City College of San Francisco College of Alameda College of San Mateo Contra Costa College Diablo Valley College Dominican University Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (East Bay Residence Center) Holy Names University Laney College Las Positas College Los Medanos College Merritt College Mills College No t re Dame de Namur University Ohlone College (Auch eine stadtübergreifende Schule für Detachment 045 an der San Jose State Univ) Samuel Merritt University San Francisco State University Santa Rosa Junior College Solano County Community College (auch eine stadtübergreifende Schule für Detachment 088 an der Sacramento State Univ) Sonoma State University St. Mary`s College University of California, Davis (also an intercity school for Detachment 088 in Sacramento State Univ) University of San Francisco If you enroll in classes, you will automatically be enrolled in a 2-hour lab on Thursdays from 4:00 a.m. to 5:45 a.m. Make sure they don`t have class time conflicts. Finally, join the Cadet Corps for physical training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The FA consists of three events in the following order: to participate in AFROTC, each cadet must meet the following requirements: THE FA is taken each fall and spring semester, while a cadet is enrolled in Air Force ROTC. Cadets of the General Military Course (GMC) or not with a scholarship must try the test, but do not have to pass. Cadets and Cadets of the Professional Officer Course (POC) must pass the test for each fall and spring semester.

Information on data protection and security instructions | The presence of commercial/external links| | FOIA Cookie Disclaimer As a full-time student at any of the colleges/universities mentioned below, you can take your AFROTC courses at Manhattan College. We offer our AIR SERVICE AND LEADERSHIP Laboratory courses on Fridays, so it`s convenient for a student in the city to only attend Manhattan College once a week !. . .