Calgary Catholic School District Collective Agreement

11.3.6 Notwithstanding clause 14.12, a teacher may return to work two (2) days in advance during the first two (2) weeks of leave and, after the first two (2) weeks of leave, the teacher will inform at least four (4) weeks of the school in writing of the day the teacher intends to return to work. 5. The pilot may be extended in writing until 30 April 2016 for the 2017-2018 school year, by mutual agreement of the parties. 8.1.1 As of September 1, 2005, no charge of thirty (30) hours per week shall be assigned to a full-time school equivalent who does not receive a salary allowance, which is an average of thirty (30) hours per week throughout the school year. A maximum of one thousand four hundred and thirty (1,430) minutes (23.83 hours) per week, averaged during the school year, are devoted to the teaching of pupils. The rest of the hours to be spent on professional tasks, including, but not limited to, student care, preparation, staff meetings, consultations, parent-teacher conferences, and administrative tasks. A full-time school equivalent teacher who does not receive a salary is not assigned to tasks of thirty (30) hours per week during the school year. 9.1.3 The district and/or schools are not limited in developing a staff development plan in which the district and/or school may invite teachers to participate. 11.1.4 Upon written request by the teacher, the District shall grant the District an extension of the leave for the remainder of the school year free of charge.

The district is not required to assign a female teacher to the staff, except at the beginning of the school year after maternity/parental leave.