Climate Change Agreement Extension

The government will soon confirm a timetable for continued commitment to the future of the CCA programme. The current targets allow organisations to improve the energy efficiency of facilities covered by agreements over an eight-year period and ensure their contribution to the UK`s targets, in exchange for savings of almost £300 million per year. A step towards extending the program was announced in the spring budget in March, followed by a consultation on how it will be implemented. In its formal consultation response published last week, BEIS says it will not reform the admission criteria for renewal or significantly review existing rules and processes for the transitional period. New entrants can apply for membership of existing sectoral agreements and the deadline for applications has been extended until 30 November 2020. Opinion on the two-year extension of the current system of climate change agreements (CSFs): the government does not propose to reform the eligibility criteria for the extension or to significantly review the existing rules and processes for this transitional period. Instead, as part of a longer-term review of the system, we want to look at further reforms in these areas and welcome views on which factors should be taken into account. .